Tips for Tipping at Bed and Breakfasts- Taking the Confusion Out of Etiquette

One of the most common questions we’re asked is how much and whether to tip at  B&Bs. While there is an influx of limited service vacation rentals in the current travel world, personalized service seems to have diminished at many properties. At a traditional bed and breakfast (like our own Holden House and members of the Bed & Breakfast Innkeepers of Colorado association) where extras such as built-in concierge, inclusive food/breakfast service (Holden House also offers breakfast options served in the dining room-included and breakfast served in-room for an additional fee). You will also find innkeepers very accommodating to individually adapt to food restrictions and dietary requests, available to help guests with restaurant suggestions, activities, assistance with fulfilling needs (water bottle refills, afternoon snacks, welcome cookies, ice requests, coffee/tea access, room refreshes) and especially considering the extra pre-arrival cleaning requirements based on CDC guidance to assure guestroom and behind the scenes safety and cleanliness preparation prior to your arrival. *Note: Also be considerate of requested check in time to ensure that your room is ready to be occupied, allowing enough time for your room to be serviced and the inn’s common areas to be sanitized for your stay. 

“While B&Bs are generally owner-operated where the owner provides all the service, more inns these days require outside help to provide efficient housekeeping, breakfast, concierge-type service and provide owner burn-out prevention, so you can receive the continued high-quality personal attention, smiles and friendly service that B&B guests expect. 

In short, think about the level of service you receive. At some B&Bs, you will find an envelope placed in your room, but even if not, consider leaving a tip based on how you are treated and enjoyed your stay. It’s important to consider that there is a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes on day after day that you may not see as a guest, but ensures your overall comfort and cleanliness.

Here at Holden House, guests can also request to add a tip to their room via credit card charge, which is evenly distributed to all of our assistant innkeeping team members. When traveling, consider taking a bit of cash ahead of time. Generally, the accepted tipping ranges $3-5 per day or more, if you’ve received exceptionally good service during your stay. 

So, as a tip on tipping, whether a bed and breakfast, hotel, motel, or other type of lodging, while tipping is certainly not a required expense, it’s very much appreciated by those hard working people behind the scenes who work everyday to ensure your experience is pleasant and comfortable. 

Enjoy your stay!